About us


Lugang Café, the latest incarnation brought to you by the famed Bellagio Group of Restaurants, Shanghai & Beijing, is the epitome of elegance and style. Being the first branch outside China, Lugang Café is already taking the culinary world by storm, having already garnered nationwide recognition such as the highly prestigious Philippine Tatler's 100 Best Restaurant Awards.

Fourteen, world-class, Chinese chefs, all aimed to provide an outstanding dining experience, prepare our sumptuous array of the very best dishes that Taiwan has to offer. Breaking free from the conventional look of a Chinese restaurant, Lugang Café sets itself apart from the rest with its modern interiors, and aesthetic design.

Our mission is to provide our guests with an exceptional dining experience by offering authentic Taiwanese cuisine from the freshest ingredients, served to you by our professional, well-developed staff. We guarantee only the best for our customers.

Our aim is to be the pioneer contemporary Taiwanese cuisine in the Philippines, and to open a chain of restaurants so that we may provide continuous employment and economic growth-the vision that we are in the forefronts of achieving.

Lugang Café is what every contemporary restaurants aim to be, chic and stylish with great service and food to die for, it’s definitely a must try destination!